Artist Statement

My practice is centered around looking to bridge the divides between object and user, experience and expectations, illusion and reality. I grew up in rural Ontario, and was very much an outsider looking in throughout school, I feel I have become almost hyper aware of perceptions of myself, and of social interactions as a whole. From this standpoint, I have begun to use it to further explore people’s facades, expectation, and their ideas of perceived value. This has translated from a purely art perspective into one of design, wherein I have begun to focus on recontextualizing, repurposing, and rejuvenating objects and material in unexpected ways. I wish to bring commentary and critique into my work while also discussing at times issues of sustainability and longevity. I look to employ societal critique by manipulating interactions between people and objects, people and people, as well as people and social conventions through exercises in deep empathy and explorations of storytelling. I am focused on using craft methods paired with digital fabrication and design thinking methodologies, utilizing at times non traditional materials to create unique joyful moments for people. 


It is a fear of herself that makes her odd, but she is not alone. The paradox of the youthful free spirit following destiny, set beside the desire to live an ordered successful life creates turmoil within, a malaise without solution. 

This is a coming of age story where freedom totally wears the scars of desire...